Humor helps to demystify AI Tools

We’ll dive right in to the AI world without all that tech jargon. Think about a gathering where instead of talking weather or scores from the games, you and your friends are discussing AI. The topic may sound nerdy, but you’ll have a great time. Let’s read more about popular ai tools.

GPT-3 from OpenAI comes first. Consider it your friend that knows everything. The answer is so interesting, detailed, and thorough that you begin to wonder if the person has Wikipedia in their head. GPT-3 writes essays, jokes and poetry — making it AI’s Shakespeare.

TensorFlow from Google is another option. TensorFlow paints data-based masterpieces instead of using traditional painting. The program is designed for users who wish to do something different with raw data.

IBM Watson has the same kind of intelligence as that person who always wins at trivia games and knows every answer. So instead of being annoyed, it is a great tool for businesses to help them understand a lot of information and take better decisions. Watson’s has the answers to everything, including market trends and health diagnoses.

AutoML powered by Google Cloud is the topic of discussion. If you’ve ever attempted to make a gourmet dinner and it turned out not very tasty, AutoML by Google Cloud is the answer. AutoML automates complicated algorithms to create delicious meals, allowing even novices to cook. The word I meant was effective.

Finally, let’s not forget ChatGPT, again from OpenAI. (Yes, this is just a way to show off). Like chatting with someone that never stops talking. This is your best friend when you want to know how to write an email in a way that sounds natural or how to come up with a quick bedtime story for your child.

The question is, why? These tools can be compared to the kitchen gadgets of today, except they’re used to develop tomorrow’s innovations. On some days, you might need a GPT-3 (a blender), while on other days, a TensorFlow (a food processer) may be needed. You can become the Gordon Ramsay (or his apprentice) of technology with these devices.

Another way to put it: These AI-based tools are similar to having superpowers, without the need for you or me getting bitten in the face by a radioactive tarantula spider. The tools can make your life more convenient and impactful – if you learn to utilize them properly.

This is a great way to learn about AI. It might not make you Tony Stark, but it will help in your quest for tech genius. If you want to be a tech genius, or at least have a good conversation, then knowing these resources is a great start.

If you ever find yourself in a muddle trying to select an AI-tool, don’t forget that it is likely there are directories for such tools. What if you find your digital fairy godmother waiting to sprinkle some high-tech magic on your projects? It could be that you’re about to find the digital fairy godmother who will sprinkle high-tech magical dust on your project. Be prepared to have a great ride.