A Guide to Buying a Used Tesla

Oh, it’s the hunt for a Tesla second-hand! This is like searching for treasures in your backyard. There’s gold in the ground, and you’ve heard about it, but what’s the best place to dig? What if you do find gold? How can you be sure that it isn’t just a piece of shiny aluminum foil when you get it home?

Let’s discuss first why anyone would ever want a used electric car from Elon Musk. You can also enjoy the bragging rights of driving silently past gas station with a smug look. When you drive a Tesla, your carbon footprint is reduced and Mother Earth breathes easier. Not to mention, the cars are cool. They are like mobile phones on wheels.

It’s tricky to find a used Tesla that will not break the bank, yet make you feel as if you’ve won the lottery. The trick to buying a used Tesla is not so much knowing what it is you want, but rather knowing what to look for.

Let’s first talk about mileage. For gas-guzzlers, a high mileage can be a nightmare about the upcoming repair costs. Tesla’s though? They laugh when they see high mileage. The electric motors in their cars are much stronger than any engine. But don’t just ignore it. It’s possible that a car which has been driven around the block or country thousands of times may have other wear issues.

Next, we’ll talk about battery health. Tesla’s’ batteries are known to last a long time, but they aren’t immortal. Battery checkups are recommended for a Tesla vehicle that has traveled a great deal. You can think of it as a heart check for your potential new friend.

Check out the past! Although it might look clean and drive smoothly, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is free of mistakes. Some cars come with more baggage that an airport carousel. They may have had accidents, been repaired, or even ghost rattles.

My two cents is to always have these beasts examined by someone knowledgeable before spending any money. It’s a bit like going on a date again; you need to know the details before making any decisions.

Remember: buying a Tesla is an experience. It may be exciting, or it might be hair-pullingly frustrating. Either way, you’ll have stories to share at parties.

This is about going from A-B in style and giving Mother Nature the thumbs up.

The adventure of buying a Tesla used is full twists and turns, but if played correctly it’s totally worth the effort. Just remember that each mile in an EV is a new “I told ya'” moment. When people doubted if you’d be able to join the EV renaissance without breaking your bank. Seattle can be anything, including the sun. Like trying to find a parking spot in downtown Seattle late on a Friday night, the story is twisted and turned. Rain City residents can certainly guide you safely and humorously through the adventure.