Keep your carpets fresh

Doesn’t it sound like a painter drying his paint? It’s almost like hugging your own home by keeping the carpet cleaners northshore. It is important to create a welcoming environment. Feel the softness of your foot and do not worry about anything under your soles.

You will find that vacuuming is your friend. You might believe that using the carpet cleaner too frequently will make it wear out faster. But it’s not the case. Vacuuming regularly can remove dust, dirt and other particles before they damage your carpet. Imagine it like preventive treatment for your flooring.

We’ll now get to the juicy part, stains. Stains can be like uninvited party guests. They arrive suddenly and don’t go away easily. You need to move quickly and remain calm when you are dealing with stains. In a hurry, we reach out for the nearest cleaner. However, this can lead to disaster (or discoloration of your rug). You can clean most spills up with vinegar and water if you catch them early.

Some carpets may require more than our company can provide. The professionals are needed. These people cleaned everything. Their gear has become so advanced that even our spray bottles, brushes and other tools for cleaning look like toy. They can restore the scent and look of something using hotwater extraction or some fancy new method.

But what happens in-between the professional cleanings? You only need to clean a few spots. As a dirty detective, it is important to know the type of stain in order to choose your cleaning product wisely. It’s important to test out the cleaning agent you select on a non-visible area. Everyone does not want to see bleach stains on their furniture.

Did you know having a cleaner carpet can help you breath better? Literally! Carpets do a great job of trapping dust, pollen and other airborne particle. This is good as long as the accumulation does not become too high and affects your home’s quality of air. Regular cleaning helps to prevent these particles from being thrown up in the air each time someone walks.

The debate over encapsulation as opposed to shampooing has also been a topic of discussion. The old-school technique of shampooing is effective, but the result is a sticky, moist foam. Encapsulation may be likened to the younger, cooler sibling of traditional shampooing. It traps the dirt and debris inside a dry, foamy substance which is then vacuumed away after drying.

Keep your carpets looking good with a little elbow-grease, if you know what you’re doing and sometimes even some professional help. More than appearances is at stake. This is about more than just appearances. We all want to have a home that is inviting and comfortable. This is the place where you can relax. You may even spill a few wine glasses from time to time with no major problems.

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