How To Choose A Leather Motorcycle Vest That Screams

Let’s get to it. You want to know the specifics on how to choose the best leather bike vest a shipwreck in the sand. No fancy talk. I get it. You don’t want just any vest. You want something that makes “you” feel comfortable, something that looks and fits like it was designed for you. Let’s buckle up for a trip.

Let’s start by talking about the quality of leather. Imagine these vests side-by-side. One vest tells the tale of a thousand adventures. Weathered, but dignified. One looks as if it would cry if lightly sprinkled with rain. Which would you choose? Congratulations if it was the first choice! Full-grain hides are important because they age like fine vintage wines.

It’s time for serious craftsmanship. Imagine a person in a workshop with tools handed down from generation to generation, stitching your vest out of love. We need someone to stitch your vest by hand. Machines can produce vests more quickly and efficiently than one can say “leather”, but where is the love? You should have your gear sewn by hand if you truly want a personal touch.

Next, you’ll want to customize. Why blend when you are born to be unique? Imagine that you’re walking into a nightclub and three men are wearing the same vest as you…not cool, is it? Consider a vest you can customize. Add patches, color and fringe if that is your style.

Listen to what I have to say. Safety isn’t the most exciting of topics, but I will explain it. Accidents do happen, even though they are not planned. Some vests have armor inserts. These vests are like having an angel of protection in your jacket.

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