Conquering the Math Mountains and Transforming ‘Do My Homework’ into a Quest to Understand

I hate math homework. There are two sides to math homework: you either hate it or love it. You rarely find anything in between. Those in the last group probably hear “Do my mathematics homework” more than they’d admit. You know, we have all been in that situation. Imagine staring in confusion at a seemingly impossible problem. Go here?

Recall when you were young and believed quicksand to be an even bigger problem that it ended up being? It’s like algebra and math took over the role of quicksand when you were an adult. Who knew?

What should you do? It’s important to not panic. Right? Easier to say than to do, yes? You may think that those numbers or equations are mocking, but they really don’t.

So, let’s talk about the reality of finding math help. Both a goldmine, and a treasure-trove awaits you on the internet. Some sites promise to provide free solutions to your problems, but they are not nearly as effective as asking for quantum physics advice from your pet goldfish.

Hire someone to take care of it. While it may seem like an excellent idea — hiring someone as a guide to help you climb the mountain mentioned earlier– tread carefully. The long term effects of this could harm your ability to learn (because the mountain itself isn’t going to climb on its own).

A golden middle path? Peer tutoring. Imagine sitting in a room with someone else who is able to do what you find impossible. Imagine sitting down with someone who just completed what seemed like an impossible assignment to you.

You should also explore online forums. Imagine virtual campfires for students to gather and share math war stories. You can answer the question “Why is this working?” Because everyone wants to know and helps, questions are answered enthusiastically instead of with sighs.

The truth is that comprehension always wins out over completion. You can change the words “Do my mathematics homework” into “Understand your mathematics homework.” Although it might not sound quite as catchy, you should still listen.

Not just survive, thrive! This is about finding the joy of those lightbulb moment when it all clicks together, even after hours and hours or frustration.

Yes, you can always ask your friends for advice, get involved in discussions with them online, etc., because ultimately, conquering mathematics isn’t about bringing X to heel, but about finding out why X exists.

Who knows. Perhaps, along the way of learning trigonometry, or tackling functions and other math problems we will discover that we were able to do them all along.

Remember, conquering math can be a lot of fun. The adventure is worth it – no flip-flops required.

If you ever hear “I can pay for someone to help me with my online class” ask, what will your response be? Instead of jumping right on to our moral high horses, we might want to ask the person why they feel like that. Even if we find what they say uncomfortable, listening is essential to understanding.

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